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The Gallery Collection of Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate is a showcase of the area’s finest homes available for sale. The Gallery Collection is a true example of Luxury Homes in the Saint Louis area.
As a leader in the Luxury Home market, Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate has developed the Gallery Collection to provide a resource for Luxury Home sellers and buyers by utilizing custom signs, luxury home-focused websites and upscale marketing plans.
Click the Learn More button below to view some of the area’s most elegant homes and find information regarding some of St. Louis’ finest in dining, shopping and more. 

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What People Are Saying

Pam C. -- Oct 2014

Ashley was wonderful throughout this entire process!!  She helped keep me calm when things seemed very stressful.  I appreciate her knowledge and her as a person.

C.P. – St. Charles -- Nov 2015

The sale of our home went so smooth. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Joe D. -- Jul 2015

Mike did a great job!  He is a true professional.

Eugene & Edna B. -- Oct 2014

Everything was handled in a perfect way and made our moving very quick and in a satisfactory manner.

Great job Susan and Staff!!

C.W. -- Aug 2015

If it had not been for Brittany going above and beyond to contact the home owners to see if they would be interested in selling, we never would have found our dream house! Thank you!

J.L. -- Aug 2015

Susan knows the market well, which is why we chose her. A quick contract gave us peace of mind with the rest of our relocation.

Kathleen B. -- Oct 2014

Mike Lampe was a pleasure to work with.  He offered his expert opinion in a professional way.  Mike was very responsive via phone and email, which was much appreciated.  Homes in our area tend to sit on the market, but Mike was able to get us an offer in less than 2 months.  We couldn’t have been happier with Mike, and we would absolutely use Mike again.


William & Susan H. -- Oct 2014

Mike Lampe has been a great help from the beginning to the end process.  He was on top of everything.  He answered all questions and worked on our behalf.  We are very PLEASED.