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The Gallery Collection of Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate is a showcase of the area’s finest homes available for sale. The Gallery Collection is a true example of Luxury Homes in the Saint Louis area.
As a leader in the Luxury Home market, Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate has developed the Gallery Collection to provide a resource for Luxury Home sellers and buyers by utilizing custom signs, luxury home-focused websites and upscale marketing plans.
Click the Learn More button below to view some of the area’s most elegant homes and find information regarding some of St. Louis’ finest in dining, shopping and more.

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JoAnne C. – St. Charles, MO -- May 2014

Very satisfied with all the staff. I like that there was constant communication. Via email, text, etc. I could get any info day, nights, weekends though this and a great support staff Diane. We were treated as if we were their one and only clients.

Emma N. -- Aug 2015

Mike Lampe is amazing!! He was thoughtful in helping us narrow our search, showed us homes that matched our ‘wish list’ and helped us make a fair offer on our home. Mike was always available either by phone or email for any questions that I had (and there were many) and he was always patient and complete in his answers. I couldn’t be happier!! I would recommend Mike and Susan Brewer Real Estate to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area!

Malinda – St. Charles -- Dec 2015

Susan provided tips of how to help stage the home, when to hold an additional open house based upon timing of specific local celebratory events to ensure good attendance and avoid competition with those events. She gave us contact information for a painter, carpet cleaner, and handiman that came quickly and worked to touch up a few areas that we needed help with. Susan was always available by phone call or text and gave us information in a straight forward manner, which we appreciated. We felt that she got us a good price for our home.

B.B. -- Aug 2015

Ashley was wonderful… Most importantly she was honest, thorough, reliable, and knowledgeable. We would recommend her to anyone.

Edna B. – OFallon,MO -- Jun 2013

Everything was handled in a perfect way and made our moving very quick and in a satisfactory manner. Great job Susan and staff!

Mark & Norma H. – Oxnard, CA -- Aug 2013

We wanted to take a moment and comment on one of your agents. His name is Mike Lampe. We had the good fortune to meet Mike through my sister and brother in-law who live in St Peters. My wife and I were looking for a second home to relax in and get away from all the pressures of work in the state of California. A place that we could come and go as we pleased, not intruding on others at a possible inconvenient time. He found a home that was exactly what my wife and I liked. We were told that there were multiple offers on the home and that we would have to decide if we wanted to raise our offer just a little. I told Mike no that I was not going to play bidding wars. He said he understood and was going to press on. We flew to St Louis to visitfamily and were able to finally meet Mike. He showed us several places, nothing that we thought would work for us .. He once commented, “Why would anyone want a vacation home in St. Peters?” We explained our situation to him and off he went looking for that special place for us. Mike was the perfect realtor as far as we were concerned A week or so later he found the home on Simeon Ct. It had everything we wanted in a home and more. We made an offer and what seemed an eternity it was accepted by the lender. Mike guided us through the process through many phone calls and numerous emails.Guesshedidn.tmind having to deal with those people from California. We finally were able to see our new home and appreciate how Mike had taken all of our wants, ideas, desires, and sift through them all to find our new home. A little over 3 years later we sadly made a decision to try and sell the home. But would the market or timing be right? Who could we trust to tell us the truth? Not just because they wanted the sale, someone who would be brutally honest with us if need be. We came into St Louis for personal reasons. Mike was there and again went over every detail and scenario that could go right or wrong with the sale of the home. We agreed on price ( I think he conspired with my wife on that point) and off we went to our home in California awaiting the master realtor to work his magic. Less than a month passed and he sold the home for the price my wife stated. Wish we were someone famous or very important. we are not, just a regular couple who were treated by Mike like someone who was extra special. You can see that he truly cares for those he helps. Glad to say we met him.

J.B. -- Aug 2015

I found Susan and her associates to be helpful, friendly and competent. I will use them again and will recommend them .

Shelly J. -- Oct 2014

Julie was wonderful showing us homes that we were interested in and helping us go through the houses. We were very satisfied with the way things were handled and the purchasing of our new home. She was helpful in pointing out the good and bad of the homes. She was great at the closing as we had some issues with not only the loan company, but also the seller.  She was very supportive and I would definitely use Julie again and will refer her to everyone.