Summer in St Louis Lawn Care

Summer in St Louis Lawn Care

Our St Louis summers are not only tough for us and our pets, but they can be hazardous for our lawns as well. Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate has prepared these tips to help you to keep your lawn looking great this year:

Raise the blades– Keeping your lawn healthy does not necessarily mean keeping it short. Set your lawn mower blades as high as possible. Longer grass allows the blades to obtain more light during the daytime hours and use that energy to provide nutrients that your lawn needs. Taller grass also provides shade to the soil that allows it to retain more water.

Keep it Watered – Water is essential to keeping your lawn healthy. Grass (and all of your landscaping) requires one inch of water per week. During the dry summer months of summer when nature doesn’t provide the rain that your lawn needs ensure that you water early in the day so that the soil can absorb the moisture before the sun and heat dry it up.

Weed as often as possible – Walking your lawn regularly to inspect for new weeds will allow you to eliminate them before they become an issue for your lawn. Roots for the weeds in your yard can claim the valuable soil real estate and take over your lawn quickly if not monitored.


Following these tips can help you to keep your lawn looking great this time of year and make your yard the best in the neighborhood!